Getting Ready for New Things in Central Otago

Getting Ready for New Things in Central Otago


Travel is a great eye-opener, more than anything

Needless to say, being in a new place can definitely be your ultimate game changer, especially if you’re the kind who has gotten used to whatever your comfort zone has to offer you. If you’ve gotten too comfortable in your comfort zone (because yeah, what else are they for, right?), then you do need a quick change in scenery. The tendency of some people who get used to their comfort zones is that they forget to grow and to widen their perspectives.

So yes, there is something better than online shops like Lazada and Zalora. There is something better than simply getting the best coupon codes on products and having these products delivered to your doorstep. That something better comes in the form of travel, and it’s even way better if Central Otago is your destination of choice.

Activities in Central Otago

Hang Gliding: You can try hang gliding in 45South Tandem Hang Gliding. Enjoy breath-taking views of Central Otago’s dramatic and unique landscape. Admire the mighty Pisa range while flying high over pristine lakes and rivers. There, you can be sure that they use the latest tandem aero-towing techniques to provide the safest, most enjoyable experience possible.

Family Adventure: If you’re going as a family, then Highlands is definitely the place for you to go and unwind. A truly international 5 star facility, it boasts multiple ways to experience the circuit at speed from McLaren’s to Porsche’s, is home to the best outdoor go-kart circuit in the southern hemisphere, showcases a safari dirt buggy adventure complete with 18ft dinosaurs and safari animals and a national motorsport museum. Onsite is also a Cafe and unique Aroma Room wine experience.

Cycling and Getting Around: Travelling around Central Otago by bicycle is really one great treat which your eyes and your heart will really thank you for. Discover the famous Otago Central Rail Trail, Clutha Gold & Roxburgh Gorge Trails with NZ’s most experienced guided cycle tour operator. With 4 different Central Otago itineraires, Adventure South NZ‘s quality bikes, carefully chosen lodgings and added highlights, such as curling and a trip on the Taieri Gorge Railway, will ensure a truly memorable experience.